Top 9 Best Mole Traps 2023 Reviewed

Are you searching for the best mole traps? We cover it all in this guide! But first, what damage have moles caused you? Or have you tried other strategies to eradicate moles but with little results? Best Mole Traps

Well, these pesky creatures are never useful to anyone.

In this review, I’ll show you why mole traps are the best remedies for eradicating moles. Let’s get started! Related: Do Moles Have Eyes?

Reviews: Top 9 Best Mole Traps in 2023

1. Tomcat Mole Trap: hands-free, effective, and Innovative

Tomcat is an out-of-the-ordinary mole trap with notable features that make it one of the most popular brands in the market today.

Tomcat Mole Trap: hands-free, effective, and Innovative View on Amazon

The most selling attribute inherent in this device is the hands-free setup option. It only requires you to step on the yellow lever to set up the device. Plus, once a mole is caught, you don’t have to use your hands to release it.

To set the device, locate an active tunnel and press with your heel or hand to make a depression (about one inch deep). There’s a depth gauge on the backside of the trap for checking the correct depth. Using a shovel, make two long slots where the jaws can fit and open up freely.

Place the trap on the slots and step down slowly. Press the trigger post down until the trap locks, then release the pedal. I usually recommend using a stick to press the trigger.

The trap is under tension, and the pedal could hit your hand if he traps don’t lock when releasing the pedal. 

Your trap is now ready for a catch! You will know that a mole has been trapped when the yellow lever springs up.


  • Hands-free operation
  • No additional setting tools or tongs are required.
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Simple to set
  • Excellent design


  • Has a plastic construction which could break

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2. Wire Tek 1001 EasySet Mole – Eliminator Trap

Easy set mole trap created with top-notch craftsmanship to give you an easy and reliable mole trapping experience. With this device, you’ll no longer have to use chemicals and poison to eradicate moles. 

View on Amazon

Setting up this trap is very easy. Unlike other traps, this one requires no digging or setting up sharp prongs that could sometimes be dangerous to the user, children, and pets.

To set up the trap, locate an active mole tunnel and insert the closed jaws in the tunnel, with the base of the trap flushing with the ground.

Once you press down on the lever, the trap is now ready for the catch! Usually, moles have an instinct to reopen their tunnels whenever they collapse.

A will mole travels through the tunnel to find a blind end at the collapsed portion of the tunnel. When it pushes through the tunnel, the trigger is released, clamping the pest between the jaws.

What’s more, this is a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly way to eradicate moles. It’s ideal for use in nurseries, ranches, and organic farms.


  • Effective mole trap
  • Durable galvanized metal
  • Easy to set: no digging required


  • Not useful in sandy or loose soil
  • May not go deep enough.

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3. Victor Plunger Mole Trap (Weather-Resistant Spears)

Victor mole trap is one of the best mole traps in the market, and it lives up to your expectation. It utilizes weather-resistant spears to inflict a terrible blow to the moles whenever they are trapped in it. 

View on Amazon

It is designed for use along the tunnels used by moles with the trigger pan blocking part of the tunnel. Usually, moles have an instinct to reopen their tunnels whenever they are blocked. When a mole tries to reopen the tunnel, the trigger is pushed, releasing the trap.

Victor Plunger mole trap stands up to be a strong and reliable device for getting rid of moles. Designed with steel and a sensitive mechanism, this trap snaps with a powerful blow killing the mole instantly.

Besides, the device is reasonably easy to use. Once you have identified an active tunnel, push down the grass with your hands or heel. Push down the trap until the spears touch the bottom.

Activate the spring by pulling up the handle spring and holding it in place using the small lever. The flat piece is placed on the ground, just enough to keep the trigger arm.

That way, a slight push by the mole releases the trigger, and the plunger pushes down the metal spears. There is a safety pin to ensure you are safe from accidental triggers.


  • Ready to use the device
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • No perfect on loose, sandy, and soft soils

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4. Victor Out O-Sight Mole Trap

This is a hardy and durable mole trap with strong iron jaws to help you kill moles instantly.

View on Amazon

As the name depicts, Victor Out O-Sight Mole Trap is placed in active tunnels and covered with soil to prevent the mole from becoming suspicious. If you want a reliable and sturdy device, this one won’t let you down.

To set up, the trap is clamped together on its top handles with the help of the setting tongs. As such, the clasping jaws remain open ready for the mole. A small trigger is placed on top of where the mole is likely to pass.

Typically, the mole would want to open up the collapsed tunnel. The slightest touch of the trigger causes the jaws to shut up, hence clamping the mole to death. In addition, it comes with a safety clip to ensure safe operation.

The trap is a bit stiff and will require extra effort to set. However, no additional setting is required.


  • Ready to use trap; no additional setup required
  • Good for any soil type
  • Comes with a safety pin
  • It’s durable


  • Not visible from far to know if a mole has been trapped.
  • It’s stiff and requires extra effort

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5. Aspectek PROFICIENT Mole & Gopher Trap Galvanized Steel

If you want a device that works like WireTek but is willing to pay less, then Aspectek is a great device to get.

Aspectek PROFICIENT Mole & Gopher Trap Galvanized Steel View on Amazon

It utilizes large scissor-like jaws to trap moles and gophers. It is made of galvanized steel to withstand all weather conditions.

To set the device, push the trap right at the center of an active tunnel until the base flushes with the ground surface. Step down on the setting lever to set the trigger ready for a catch. If a mole comes by trying to reopen the tunnel, the trigger is activated, causing the scissors to cut the mole.

The device comes with a safety pin to caution you from accidental triggers. In addition, since the trap is triggered below the ground, the safety of your kids and pests is guaranteed. Since Aspectek uses no poison or chemicals, it can be used in organic farms


  • Very effective
  • No digging required
  • Made from durable galvanized iron
  • Ideal for organic farms


  • Needs to be inserted deep in the ground

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6. Aspectek Hr111 Mole Trap (Designed from Sturdy Steel)

Another one from Aspectek! Aspectek HR111 mole trap is a fast and effective mole trap, yet affordable compared to other spring-type traps.

Aspectek Hr111 Mole Trap (Designed from Sturdy Steel) View on Amazon

This device does what it promises; killing moles and to keep your garden or farm from destruction.

Aspectek HR111 has earned the reputation of a powerful mole trap that gets your mole issues solved in a very affordable budget. This device is sturdy, and if well maintained, it can serve you for an extended period.

The Aspectek HR111 mole trap takes the guesswork out of mole trapping. When used accurately, it gives incomparable effectiveness. Setting up the device does not require an expert as it comes with a ready manual.

To set up the trap, the upper handles are clamped together using setting tongs. This makes the clamping jaws on the lower part to open up as if to grasp something. The trigger is placed just above the mole’s path. When a mole comes to reopen the tunnel, the trigger is set off, causing the jaws to clamp stiffly on it.

This device is safe to use since the movable parts are below the ground surface. Besides, it comes with a safety clip to enable secure operation. However, keep away from children and pets.


  • Ready to use the device. No additional setting
  • It’s durable
  • Comes with a safety clip


  • It’s stiff and requires extra effort

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7. Victor The Black Box Gopher Trap 0625

Victor Black Box Gopher Trap is an effective and easy to set a choker-style trap compared to conventional box traps or wire claws.

Victor The Black Box Gopher Trap 0625 View on Amazon

The trap uses water-resistant and synthetic materials to offer the durability of its kind. Also, the metallic components of this trap are made of galvanized iron for extra strength and durability.

The trap has a comfortable setting and placement procedure. Each device comes fully assembled with an operation manual. To set the trap, place it in an active mole tunnel. Cover the hole with dirt in such a way that the trap appears like part of the runway. When a mole runs through the spring-loaded loop, it gets caught and clamped to death.

With this trap, you can catch moles within 24 to 48 hours.


  • Works effectively
  • Suitable for all soil types
  • Plastic material is weather resistant.
  • Can be carried and stored conveniently


  • There’s a need to dig the ground to set
  • Removing the dead animal from the trap is kind of nasty

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Considerations for Best Mole Traps

1. Ease of Use

Anyone buying a mole trap will go for one that is simple to use. A good mole trap is easy to set up and simple to use. It does not require you to assemble parts as you relocate the trap from one tunnel to another.

On the other hand, complicated traps waste a lot of your time because of the settings involved. Also, the device should also be easy to clean. Not only does cleaning prolong the device’s lifespan, but also because moles tend to avoid dirty traps.

2. Efficiency

You don’t want to waste your time and money on a trap that misses the target now and then. Always go for a dependable trap to avoid frustrations. Remember that the effectiveness of certain traps may depend on the type of soil they are used in.

Some traps tend to work effectively on certain types of soil. Therefore it is always advisable to know the type traps used by people around.

3. Trapping method

Normally, different people will buy mole traps depending on the trapping mechanism. Some gardeners prefer to use exposed traps because these traps are easy to clean with pressurized water. Others opt to buy traps that will hide the mole insight.

While some gardeners prefer traps that kill moles, others wouldn’t even come close to a dead mole. If you prefer traps that kill moles, be sure to check your trap regularly to avoid bad smell that comes from overstayed carcasses.

Once you have identified the type of trapping device, read the instructional manuals to help you set up the tools properly. Plus, you can take time to learn the basics of the device.

4. Safety

Most of the devices I have discussed are spring-loaded and bare sharp clasping jaws/edges. Thus, safety is of great importance when using them to kill moles. A good trap will kill moles without inflicting injuries to you, your kids, guests, and pets.

Most of these traps come with safety pins/clips to protect you from accidental triggers. Learn the mechanism of the traps to know how the safety clips work. Also, beware of the exposed pointed corners of the trap.


Moles are destructive creatures but can be effectively eradicated using the best mole traps in the market. Do not allow these creatures to disturb your peace anymore! 

Get yourself one of these mole traps and won’t regret it. For me, Wire Tek 1001 EasySet Mole Eliminator Trap turns out to be the most effective.


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