7 Best Lawn Mowers for Wet Grass 2023

Whereas it is always ideal to cut grass during dry weather because it can be mowed by a majority of mowers, there are instances when mowing wet lawns cannot be avoided. Best Lawn Mowers for Wet Grass

The Best Lawn Mower for Wet Grass should be sufficiently powerful and its blades sharp enough to cut through wet grass – including lawnmowers for zoysia grass. 

Ensure that you’ll only cut about a third of the grass blades. Check that the mower has serrated tips like those in gator blades to easily cut wet grass clumps. 

Mowers: 7 Best Lawn Mowers for Wet Grass 2023

1. Honda HRX217VKA Lawn Mower for Wet Grass 

This is the tool you need if you are looking for superior mowing performance and fast and easy cutting even in wet conditions.

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This Honda model is powered by an easy starting, powerful and fuel efficient 190cc GCV200 engine. As a result, this mower offers excellent performance even in heavy and thick grass.

The HRX217VKA’s mulching, bagging and discharge system allow the user to discharge shredded material with no additional attachments. A conveniently positioned Clip Director knob allows the user to select the amount of grass mulched and bagged. The Versamow System technology will allow you to mulch with ease even in wet conditions by adjusting the Clip Director.

What’s more? This model’s twin blade MicroCut System has four cutting surfaces which offer ultra-fine cuts and less time emptying out the cut grass. This means less work for the user. Honda HRX217VKA’s mowing 21” deck is made of high impact resistant material which does not corrode or dent over time. Its lifetime warranty attests to the durability of this model. 


  • Highly durable
  • It offers unparalleled versatility and convenience
  • Highly durability and guaranteed longevity of service


  • It runs on gasoline and is unfriendly for the environment 

2. Black + Decker BEMW482BH Mower 

This unit is powered by a 12-amp engine whose manoeuvrability is eased by its light weight design. A push button spares you the hassles of having to pull a string to start this mower. 

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More importantly, this unit’s excellent grass ability allows it to mow through wet grass with relative ease. Its sharp blades and rugged wheel design allow this mower to cut through wet and tall grass. This mower features a 6 height adjustment lever for its mowing deck which spawns 17 inches.

The BEMW482BH electric mower features an ergonomic grip handle design for easier handling while its collapsible design facilitates easier storage. Its 30 degrees winged blade is just what you need for enhanced clipping collection. This tool is designed to power through heavy grass and is considered ideal for large lawns. The unit comes with a collection bag which ensures that your lawn is neat after cutting. 


  • Fairly priced
  • Uniquely styled handle facilitates user comfort and handling
  • It is electric and hence environmental friendly
  • Its unique blade configuration makes it ideal for cutting wet grass
  • It has a 6 height mower deck adjustment
  • Rugged wheel design eases user control in heavy wet grass


  • Limited mowing capacity on a single charge

3. Craftsman M105 140cc 21″ lawn mower 

This is arguably one of the best push mowers for small yards which is powered by a 140cc engine whose auto choke technology eliminates priming for a smoother start even in wet and freezing conditions. 

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In addition, this unit’s 3 in 1 deck and a mulch kit allows the user to mulch the lawn during wet conditions by putting nutrients back into the soil – mowers for cutting edges

A rear grass bag collects the clipped grass for easier composting. The Craftsman M105 features a 21” convertible cutting deck which allows the user to discharge cut grass through the side.

The manoeuvrability of this unit is eased by its 8” rear wheels which allows the user to mow through rough terrain or wet conditions. This Craftsman model cutting deck can be adjusted to 6 position heights while running. This unit is ideal for rugged mowing conditions as depicted by its comfortable handle and 8” diameter wheels. 


  • It features a 3 on 1 cutting capability which offers the user the options to bag, cut or size clippings
  • Auto choke technology allows the unit to power through rugged and rough conditions
  • The unit’s handles can be conveniently collapsed after use


  • Cleaning grass clippings off the rear mounted bag is tedious

4. Greenworks MO40B00 electric lawn mower 

This is arguably one of the cheapest and most efficient lawn mower for clipping wet lawns. This Greenworks lawn mower cutting ability during wet conditions is facilitated by its wheels’ traction and highly efficient cutting blade. 

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This mower is highly durable and features a 4 year limited manufacturer guarantee. This unit’s 14” cutting deck is light weight but highly versatile. Despite being equipped with a small 14 “cutting deck, this unit’s blades are sharp and highly responsive which ensures that no lumps of grass are left behind.

The MO40B00 electric lawn mower features a single lever 5 adjustable height positions offering a cutting height range of 1 to 3 inches for the best clipping performance in all environments. Its 2 in 1 feature provides rear mulching and bagging functionality for multiple usage. 


  • Its wheels have high traction making it suitable for mowing in wet conditions – review these lawn mowers with mulcher.
  • It features a highly efficient 40V lithium ion battery
  • It is light weight and highly versatile
  • It features a plastic deck material which saves the user avoid rust related challenges
  • It needs a single charge to get the job done
  • Rear bagging and mulching capability allows multiple usage


  • It runs for only 40 minutes on a single charge

5. Worx G779 cordless lawn mower 

This WORX model offers excellent performance for a cordless lawn mower. It features INTELLECT technology which provides that extra torque needed for all terrains and wet conditions.

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A foam padded handle design absorbs vibrations during usage allowing the user to mow in rugged conditions with relative comfort.

The G779 series features a 2 in 1 functionality whereas different cutting height capabilities allow the user to cut grass in all seasons. It is powered by two 4-amp lithium ion battery which provide enhanced performance. This unit is capable of mowing 5500 square feet on a single charge.

This unit comes equipped with a grass bag with a full indicator whereas a large carry handle facilitates the disposal of clipped grass.

The Worx G779 cordless lawn mower is powered by two 20V batteries which provide enough power to mow wet and tall grass – check these riding mowers for tall grass. Its battery indicator tells the user how much power is left for mowing. A dual port charger allows the user to fill back up batteries in less than an hour. 


  • It features the INTELLECT technology for improved torque
  • Compact and lightweight for easier storage and manoeuvrability
  • Offers a quiet performance


  • The torque feature consumes a lot of battery power

6. John Deere R43RS petrol mower 

This unit features a TurboStar system which guarantees precision cut and collection of clipped grass all the time. 

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The R43RS is ideal for mowing in wet conditions because the air produced by the blade raises up the grass before cutting it while eliminating clippings from the lawn. Its aluminium deck is rust resistant and features a 15-year warranty guaranteeing the user a peace of mind during damp mowing conditions.

Air vacuum blows the cut grass into the collection easily and efficiently. A fill indicator lets you know when the collection bag is filled up. The R43RS is powered by a READYSTART engine system which allows you to start the equipment on the go.

The central adjustment system allows the user to change the desired height through a single lever which changes the cutting deck to the user specified setting. Its wheels are highly durable and rotate on ball bearings which ensures easy manoeuvrability and smooth operation. This tool’s handle bars can be adjusted to different positions. 


  • Its rear roller allows the user to clip lawns along raised borders
  • The handles’ collapsible features eases storage and portability
  • A conveniently placed carry handle eases transportation
  • It features mulching capability


  • It features a small cutting deck

 7. Ariens zoom 42

This is arguably one of the best ride on mowers for wet grass. Its powerful 19HP Kohler engine gives the Zoom 42 series enough torque which makes it ideal for tackling large lawns.

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It engine is air cooled whereas a belt tension technology ensures that the required tightness for belts are maintained.

This Ariens riding lawn mower has a large cutting deck spanning 42” made out of 12-gauge steel. Its blades are designed to handle wet grass with relative ease while a wash port allows the user to wipe off the cut grass after the mowing exercise. A high back seat guarantees user comfort during use.

It is heavily padded to absorb vibrations during usage and guarantee a smooth ride to the user. This unit’s reverse feature ensures you don’t miss any patches even in damp conditions. The rear wheels of this model are heavily treaded which makes it ideal for mowing even in the most challenging conditions. 


  • It is reasonably priced
  • It offers a powerful performance
  • A washout port makes it easier to clean the underside of the mower
  • It features a large deck size
  • It features a comfortable high back seat


  • Reverse function is inconvenient in tight spaces

Considerations for best lawn mower for wet grass

1. Height adjustment

The ideal model should feature 4 to 6 adjustments to allow the user to raise or lower the cutting deck based on the grass height and wetness of the grass. The adjustment feature is ideal for cutting the grass in various levels because wet grass cannot be cut in one go.

It is imperative to start from the highest deck height and repeat the process by sequentially decreasing the heights. Higher settings are recommended to protect the drive belt from being entangled in the long and wet grass. In addition, a single level adjustment is recommended when dealing with wet grass.

2. Power source

The lawn mower’s source of power is an important consideration when mowing in damp conditions. Depending on budgetary considerations, an electric mower is the preferred choice for environmental friendly gardeners.

On the other hand, a gasoline powered lawn mower is runs longer and is considered ideal for large lawns. For cordless mowers, knowing the battery capacity will help you determine the running time of the mower.

3. Treaded wheels and Powerful engine/motor

When dealing with wet grass, a mower with rugged wheels is preferable to allow easier movement. As you compare the available choices in the market, consider going for a model with high wheels since the ground is wet and the grass taller than usual.

A strongly rated mower helps is highly efficient at channeling more torque to the cutting blades. When shopping for the ideal lawn mower, it is imperative to go for gasoline powered mowers with strong engines and batteries for cordless mowers. On the other hand, corded lawn mowers are not preferred for cutting wet grass due to safety reasons.

4. Sharpness of the blades and Mower Weight

The sharpness of the mower’s blade is an important consideration when cutting wet grass. A mower with a large number of blades and winged configuration are more preferable.

This is an important consideration because the mower has to be moved about in damp conditions. The mower should be light enough to ensure ease of control. In this case, a battery powered mower is lighter in weight as compared to petrol powered units. Lawn mowers with collapsible handle designs are more preferable for ease of storage and portability.

5. Cost and Chute size

Whereas ride on mower feature high price tags, there are smaller fairly priced models that offer exemplary performance.  It is important to consider the technical specifications of the available models before committing the purchase decision.

This is an important consideration when dealing with wet grass. Larger chutes prevent the clipped grass from clamping together.


In summary, the Zoom 42 series has emerged as the fastest and efficient mower given its large cutting deck. It also offers the fastest operating ride during damp conditions. Although this unit attracts a high price tag, it is highly popular among landscapers.

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