7 Best Lawn Mower for Large Yard 2023

Definitely, when choosing the best lawn mower for large yard, deck size or yard slope must not be your only consideration. Best Lawn Mower for Large Yard

Thus, to easily mow your sprawling estate or just a small lot, check the mower reviews below. But which mower type will be best for your plot? 

Well, here it is: push mowers ( ¼ acre), mowers, with powered wheels ( ¼ – ½ acre). But for yards that are over ¾ acre, you’ll need a mower that’s designed exactly for large yards – it must be fast and powerful. 

Mowers: 7 Best Lawn Mower for Large Yard 2023

Zero-turn-radius or riding mower seem like an overkill for small yards – they’ll be inconvenient and costly. I recommend gas-powered rear-engine rider or a self-propelled mower (wide deck).  

1. Overall Mower for Large Yard – Husqvarna HU800AWDH Mower

Husqvarna HU800AWDH Mower is a powerful & fast gas-powered walk-behind mower that will work excellent for your large yard. It comes with the 190 cc engine that’ll allow you to mow your yard in record time.

The lawn mower has an all-wheel drive capability means that you’ll require lesser force to moves the mower across your lawn. It has wheels with ball bearing – this makes it quite easy to move around the yard. 

Husqvarna HU800AWDH comes with a 22-inch deck made of steel woill ensure that you make even fewer mowing passes on the large yard. Further, it’ll be excellent for the garden due to its auto walk-behind capability. 

Luckily, this Husqvarna HU800AWDH is cheap compared to other mowers in the same class. So, I approve this machine as my best lawn mower for large yards. 

Motor Power: This mower will be a breeze to start off even after months of idle sitting during winter. The Honda GCV engine allows it to start with its first time of trying even with no spluttering or coughing.

Cut Quality: Offers great cut quality to give you an even and lovely lawn. Its cutting deck measures 22″ and has 4-point adjustment cutting height. 

The grass cutting system is “3-in-1” and it’ll side eject all the clippings, re-mulch yard grass, and bag all clippings. Also, the machine will do great mulching which means you won’t notice any grass that’s cut. 


  • An all-wheel drive mower (4WD)
  • Its wheels have ball bearing
  • Large cutting deck (23-inch)
  • Has a 190 cc engine (Honda motor) that’s very powerful to easily mow the big yards.
  • Come with hose attachment to allow for easy cleaning
  • Has a great Mulcher


  • Has a relatively flimsy mowing deck 

2. EGO Power Plus Cordless Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

EGO Power LM2000 is a battery-powered mower offers top quality cuts while mowing your big yard. Definitely, this mower shines over the limitations of electric mowers or clay soil electric tiller

Its lithium-ion battery offers 4.0Ah 56V which is enough pwoer to help you mow your large yard for 45 minutes – and luckily it will easily charge within half an hour. 

EGO Power LM2000 offers clean cuts even for tall and heavy grass up to a third of yard acre. Plus the mower has a deck that has is weather-resistant. 

With its 20-inch deck plus a 600W magnetic motor (high-torque) you’ll easily mow big yards and lawns. Interestingly, this mower will easily fold to allow upright and compact storage. 

The mower is easy to operate even with harsh weather since it comes with LED headlights. Its ipx4 design assures the mower is weather-resistant. Also, it has mulch, side-discharge, and bag for clippings disposal.

However, I would recommend that you have 1 extra battery. Thus, you can swap the main battery with the extra one when need to allow continuous mowing. EGO Power LM200 has a 6-pound 56V battery to offer excellent kicking in mowing. 


  • High-torque motor (magnetic) offering 600W. 
  • Won’t slow down when mowing through stubborn weeds, hearty grasses and thick grass. 
  • Its 30% more quietly compared to other gas-powered mower models and thus produces zero pollutants.
  • Won’t “roll” over the grass and its simple to maneuver plus you’ll like the push-button starter that easily starts the mower’s engine.


  • Limited positions for the variable handle
  • Would require some bigger battery


3. Craftsman 37430 Gas-Powered 3-in-1 Push Mower 

For your large yard, the Craftsman 37430 mower allows you to mow easily with no stressing cords. Further, the machine is easy to use because of its power – Craftsman 37430 has a 5-Torque Engine to provide a torque of 5.0 ft./lb.

Craftsman 37430 has a cutting deck that measures 21 inches and hence is excellent in cutting grass. Further, it’ll readily reduce the grass – even the tough grass on your large yard. 

Craftsman 37430 is lightweight – it weighs just 65 pounds. The mower has a 21-inch deck made of steel and comes with 11-inch (back) and 7-inch wheels (front). 

For the discharge of clippings, the Craftsman 37430 mower comes with a side-discharge, bag, and mulch. It has a rear & front height-adjustment levers. 

This “family-friendly” yard mower performs excellently as it fires greatly on all cylinders. I noted that when I pressed the priming bulb about 3-4 times, the mowers will start easily when you pull the mower’s cord.

You can rear-discharge, mulch, bag, or mulch the grass clippings. In addition, the height adjustments allowance in the dual-point deck makes it easy to cut the grass. 


  • Craftsman 37430 is a light-weight mower that you can comfortably push around
  • The 5-Torque Engine gives the mower great cutting power
  • 3-in-1 design
  • You’ll find it smooth to handle plus the rear wheels are large enough to cut through uneven turf
  • Has a cutting width of 21 inches


  • Hidden oil cap
  • Its a gas-powered mower

Next up is Greenworks 40V, which is not only great for large yards but also a powerful mower for steep banks. It has twin batteries that are 40V but won’t pollute your environment. 

This Greenworks 40V has cordless design that enables a homeowner to easily mow the grass even with no available power source connected at that moment. The machine will cut the grass in your large yard at a fast rate. 

The mower has dual-blades to increase the devices’ durability because the blades won’t be strained. Further, the mower has excellent mulching and bagging. 

The top smart-cut design enables the lawn mower to cut grass automatically for along time – saves power. For best cutting capacity the mower has a cutting deck that’s about 20 inches plus its 10-inch rear wheels plus 7-inch front wheels. 


  • Has bagging and mulching capability for clearance of clippings. 
  • Has top design smart-cut technology 
  • Has a cutting deck measuring 20 inches 
  • High powered battery


  • Needs regular battery re-charging



Considerations for the Lawn Mower 

So, for the test I planted annual rye grass (seeds ~ 1,800 pounds) plus fertilizer (~ 500 pounds) with the tow behind fertilizer spreader.  

1. Self-propelled mower

The self-propelled mower  look like the walk-behind mowers and comes with a very wide (28-inches) cutting deck – this will save the time you spend on mowing. 

2. Rear-engine riders

Up next is the rear-engine riders have an engine that’s mounted on its behind with a wider (28-inches) cutting deck. Therefore, they’ll be smaller than the full-sized mowing riders and thus easier to store. 


The best time for testing will be late winter or early spring. So, I cut grass with 3 mower types; side-discharging, bagging, mulching on ditches, slopes, and level turf. 


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