9 Best Ear Mite Medicine for Dogs 2023

Are you be looking for the best ear mite medicine for dogs? Definitely, I’ll help with that! Best Ear Mite Medicine for Dogs

Ear mites (also called Otodectes cynotis mites) is a parasitic infection that is characterized by waxy/black discharge with foul smell.

Ear mites mainly affects dog’s ears causing irritations and discomfort. Proper medication against these infections is essential for your dog’s healthy life.

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9 Best Ear Mite Medicine for Dogs 2023

1. ZYMOX Otic Dog Ear Treatment – Top Editor’s Pick

ZYMOX, a USA made product that’s quick acting – it’ll start working immediately on application. Luckily, the 1% Hydrocortisone in this medicine will remove all the all accumulated debris without irritating your Dog.

ZYMOX Otic Dog Ear Treatment View on Amazon

ZYMOX will treat external ear inflammation cause by viral, yeast and bacterial infections on your dogs. The medicine is effective and safe to use ZYMOX on any age of your dogs.

ZYMOX is non-antibiotic and will remove any antibiotic-resistant organisms in your dog’s ears. Complete dose will require daily application for 7 to 14 days (long lasting).

You will treat acute and chronic otitis externa completely and inhibit any future infections. It is tested and proven against Candida albicans, Eschericha coli, Streptococcus pyogenes and Malassezia pachydermatitis among others.

You not have to smell after use – this product leaves the dog’s ears smelling fresh. This product is readily available with or without hydrocortisone.

ZYMOX comes in 3 package for various applications: 1.25 oz. bottle, 4 oz. bottle and 8 oz. bottle.

How to Use ZYMOX:

  • Apply gently on the dog’s ear and fill the ear canal and Massage gently beneath the ear/infected areas to allow it fill the ear canal.
  • Wipe gently excess medicine and Apply once per day for 7 days (for chronic disease, apply up to 14 days)
  • Use Zymox Otic (with hydrocortisone) to treat dog’s ears having red inflammations.
  • Use Zymox Otic (without hydrocortisone) for prophylactic case on your dog.
  • However, do not clear dog’s ears before and during use.


  • Contains no antibiotics.
  • Deep penetration.
  • Easy to use.
  • No side effects on extended use.
  • Long lasting – 7 to 14 daily application.


  • For dogs only.

2. Curaseb – Dog Ear Mite Treatment – Close Second

Curaseb is one of the best dog medicines for ear mites. It is a veterinary recommended product that efficiently help treat your dog against waxy/black discharge and smelly ears.

Curaseb - Dog Ear Mite Treatment View on Amazon

It’s active ingredients (Ketoconazole .1% which is antifungal and anti-yeast) eliminates fungus, yeast and debris effectively. In addition, Curaseb contains Tris-EDTA component (Antibacterial) which treats and inhibits bacterial infections.

Curaseb is easier and safe to use. You will only need place the nozzle gently and flush on the dog’s infested ear.

Curaseb is quick acting. It works immediately on contact. You can also use Curaseb to treat your cats against ear mites.

Moreover, this product can treat other skin infections on your dog such as Rashes, Scaly Patches or Acne.

It has pretty smell. The Water Based Aloe infuse excellently on the body of your dog leaving a soft smelling skin – this is attributed by the antiseptic formula present in this product.

Curaseb won’t irritate or cause discomfort on your dog during or after use – in case irritation occurs or condition worsens, consult a veterinary immediately.


  • Do not use on breeding ears or eardrums.
  • Avoid eye contact – in case of contact, rinse well with water.
  • Keep off from children.


  • Quick acting.
  • No smell – leaves pretty smell.
  • Doesn’t cause irritation.
  • Anti-bacteria, anti-fungal and anti –yeast.
  • Veterinary recommended.


  • For dogs and cats only.
  • Dangerous when swallowed

3. Dog Ear Cleaner Solution – Dog Ear Mite Treatment

Dog Ear cleaner is an advance product that will help you treat your dog against ear mites, otitis externa, odor, itching, wax or yeast infection completely.

Dog Ear Cleaner Solution - Dog Ear Mite Treatment View on Amazon

With Dog Ear cleaner, you can inhibit any infections that is bacterial or fungal (the product is anti-bacterial/anti-microbial and anti-fungal)

This product is alcohol free. Your dog won’t be irritated or feel uncomfortable during and after application. The odor eliminator in Dog Ear cleaner leaves apple or kiwi scent behind.

Dog Ear cleaner safely clean and flush ear canal off wax, dirt, & debris without clogging.

The USA made product is NASC Lab Inspected and veterinary recommended. It can also be used to treat cat or horse against similar infections.

This product is non-antibiotic. It will also treat other skin infections on your dog such as scaling, rashes or abnormal inflammation on contact.

The non-sting, skin sensitive formula used in Dog Ear Cleaner ensures that your dog’s skin will be left soft and dry – this is achieve by incorporation of Aloe Vera during manufacture.

Why use Dog cleaner?

This product is manufactured by Strawfield Pets, which is a Veteran and Family-owned business. They are known for top quality specialization and production using federally inspected facilities running on finite technology.

Multiple applications and use. The product has long history of treating various infections such as ear canal inflammation, parasitic infections and good health promotion on dogs.

Perfect combinations. Dog Ear Cleaner has combination of the highest quality ingredients that will aid boost a healthy and vibrant life for your dog.

Variety. The product comes in various packages and quantities that open a choice for you.


  • Easier to use and Safe for puppies/kittens.
  • Also suitable for cats and Quick acting.
  • No irritation and Veterinary recommended.
  • Anti-fungal, anti-bacteria and ant-yeast.
  • Alcohol free and High penetration.


  • For dogs, cats and horses only.
  • Dangerous to your eyes (when rub).

4. Doggie Dailies Dog Ear Cleaner

The Doggie Dailies is made in USA in FDA registers factory for your Dog ear mites treatment. It is manufactured using Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil and Echinacea – a combination that blend effectively.

Doggie Dailies Dog Ear Cleaner View on Amazon

This product removes earwax, debris and dirt on your dog leaving a fresh feeling

This product is quick acting – it instantly begin to treat your dog on contact.

The Doggie Dailies does not irritate or cause discomfort on your dogs. It leaves a pleasant sensation that makes your dog feel relieve. It also control and removes ear smell (odorless).

The Doggie Dailies is easier and simple to use – comes with application nozzle/tip that enables you to administer cleaning drop wise.

The product is packed in different sizes that are flavored using a variety of spices. The Doggie Dailies is veterinary recommended for your dog’s routine use to maintain its heathy living.

This Product can also treat cat against ear mites and help keep its ear heathy and clean.

The natural ingredients in The Doggie Dailies are able to inhibit future infection of your dog against ear mites – you will need to use this product often for prevention purposes.

How to use.

  1. Place the tip of the medicine at the entrance of you Dogs ear canal.
  2. Rinse into the ear dropwise.
  3. Massage beneath the ear to allow for efficient flow.
  4. Repeat the same daily.


  • Easier to use – solution and Quick acting.
  • Can be used on dogs and cats.
  • Non-irritating – won’t sting or burn.
  • Odorless – eliminates bad smell.
  • Natural – has Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, and Echinacea


  • For dogs and cats only.

5. Petpost Dog Ear Cleaner for Dogs

Petpost is the best natural dog medicine meant for ear mites treatment. It’s an extra-powerful natural coconut oil solution that is blend with palm extracts.

Petpost Dog Ear Cleaner for Dogs View on Amazon

The plant-based formula in Petpost will help treat your dog’s ears against the following infections:

  • Ear mites, yeast infections or bacterial infections.
  • Smelly discharge and odor from your dog’s ears.
  • Itching and ear inflammations.
  • Waxy ears and dirt in their ear canal.
  • Rough and dry ear skin.

Petpost will gently soothe your dog’s ear and prevent/inhibit any future infections. It is easier to apply due to its point nozzle application option.

In addition, Petpost is safe for all ages of dogs. It does not cause irritation during or after use for both the user or your dog.

This product guarantees you a 100% healing. It effectively works on contact – it will remove debris and waxy clogging on your dog’s ear canals instantly on arrival.

How to use.

  • Point gently the nozzle at the dog’s ear canal.
  • Press the bottle to a administer the medicine drop wise.
  • Massage beneath the ears to allow effective contact action.
  • Repeat this daily.


  • Easier application and Safe – no chemicals.
  • Non-irritating and Can treat cats.
  • Plant based – natural and Top quality.
  • Extra-power and Affordable


  • Can only be used for dogs and cats treatment.

6. Gerrard Larriett Dog Ear Cleaner

Gerrard Larriett is a rinse solution that will work wonders on your dog’s health care. It’s a veterinary recommended product that will help you eliminate odor and smelly discharge from your dog’s ears.

Gerrard Larriett Dog Ear Cleaner View on Amazon

With Gerrard Larriett, you will experience 100% safety during applications and use. Your dog won’t get irritated or feel uncomfortable during or after use. Instead, this product leaves a soft soothing ear relaxation with a natural smells.

Gerrard Larriett does not contain alcohol, harmful chemicals, perfumes, glycerin or subsing agents and thus will not burn skin on contact.

This product will help combat ear mites, fungal and bacterial infections efficiently – this is achieved by help of perfect blend of Aloe Vera, Boswellia and Tea Tree Oil in the solution.

Gerrard Larriett will give a gentle aromatherapeutic calming experience on application. It is quick acting and efficient – you will only need to administer a few drops on your dog.

This product acts on contact. It penetrates effectively and efficiently through the ear canal to eardrum cleaning dirt, wax or any clogging along the passage.

The USA made product has a long performance history and will also treat your cats/kittens against similar infections.


  • Quick action – work on contact.
  • Non- irritating.
  • Odorless – no smelly emissions.
  • Natural – has Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil and Boswellia.
  • Easier to use – point application.
  • No chemicals, perfumes or alcohol.
  • Veterinary recommended.
  • Has both anti-bacteria & anti-fungal substances.


  • For dogs and cat use only.

7. EcoEars – Natural Dog Ear Cleaner

EcoEars is a naturally made dog’s ear mites medicine that works on contact while eliminating infections.

EcoEars - Natural Dog Ear Cleaner View on Amazon

The multi-symptoms product will help you treat some of the following infections on your dog:

  • Itching earlobes and Clogged ear canal and eardrum.
  • Smelly discharge and odor and Red swellings and inflammation.
  • Wax, dirt and debris stuck in the ear way and Eliminates parasites, bacterial, yeasts and fungal related infections.

EcoEars is a veterinary approved product with a broad spectrum that will aid you in solving most of your dog’s ear problems.

This product is made in USA through a strict adherence to FDA guidelines. EcoEars is highly effectives, gentle and strong enough to complete its treatment functions.

With EcoEars, you will experience 100% safety during and use for both user and the dog. It doesn’t cause any irritation or discomfort on skin when touched.

This product is free from pharmaceuticals and chemical components. Its ingredients consists of Witch Hazel Extract, Rosemary Extract, Denatured Grain Alcohol, Tea Tree Oil, Organic Mullein Leaf Extract, Boric Acid Ionic Silver Solution, Polysorbate 2 and Vegetable Glycerin.

EcoEars works on contact. Its Natural healing formula makes it penetrate effectively through the ear canals. This product it suitable for dogs aged 12 weeks and above.

 How to use EcoEars.

  • Lay your dog by sides and Wipe out any dirt or debris gently on the ear way.
  • Pour the EcoEars into ear canal until it’s full – do the same for the other ear.
  • Massage the ear severally to allow deep penetration.
  • Allow your dog to shake its head if need be and Administer the medicine twice per day for 10 to 15 days.

Don’ts: Never use it on breeding ears or ruptured eardrums and Never administer oral application on this product.


  • Easier and safe to use.
  • Long lasting – 10 to 15 daily use.
  • No chemical – purely natural.
  • Non-irritating.
  • Veterinary approved.


  • For eternal use only.
  • Suitable for dogs only.

Buyer’s Guide: What are the signs of ear mites?

Your dog/puppy will show some the following signs in case it is suffering from ear mites.

  1. Waxy/dark smelly discharge from the ears.
  2. Frequent shaking of head accompanied by scratching of the interior part of ears.
  3. Unpleasing odor coming from the ears.
  4. Reddish inflammations on the outer ears that irritates on touching.
  5. General body itching especial along the neck region.
  6. Ear cracks and debris that are exposed and my bleed at times.
  7. Hair losses – could be whole body or partial.
  8. Excessive body scratching especially on the swollen parts.

How do you treat Ear Mites of your dog’s/puppies?

You can you the following ways to cure your dog’s ear mites.

1. Dog’s Ear Mites Medicines.

These are medicines manufacturing purposely to cure the ear mites. most of them consist of anti-fungal, anti-microbes and anti-bacterial combinations.

This is easier to accomplish because most of ear mites infections are caused by fungus, bacterial or viral infections. Natural extracts may be added in the compound to help maintain soft skin and eliminate bad smell/odor during treatment.

These medicines do not require professionals/veterinary to give medication and thus become more popular to many dog owners. Such medicines include: EcoEars, Petpost or Gerrard Larriett

2. Use of

This is a special treatment against ear mites that is carried out (at chronic stage or when external applications aren’t working) by specialists/professionals or veterinary.

Ear mites infected dog is injected with special medicine that initiate faster healing as compared to external application.

NB: Don’t carry out this option unless ear mites is at its chronic stage (Involve a specialist/veterinary where possible if symptoms persists).

Which are alternative home ways of treating Dogs Ear Mites?

The following are home alternatives you can use to treat dog against mites.

  1. Mineral oil and Corn oil.
  2. Olive oil and Hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Almond oil with vitamin E additive.
  4. White vinegar and Yellow dock root extracts.

To achieve treatment using the above products, you will have to try several combinations as you observer the healing response on your dog.

The oil products will give a soft soothing environment that will ensure other medicine to work well.

These medicine does not a guarantee you excellent healing – there is no scientific research that has ever proven effective healing of these alternatives.

You can also use homemade shampoo that has natural plan extracts such as Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil etc. to clean your dog frequently.

How to Prevent Ear Mites infections on your mites.

Use the follow ways to prevent ear mites on your dogs/puppies.

  • Clean your dog often with veterinary approved cleaner.
  • Take your dog for checkup frequently to a veterinary/specialist.
  • Treat your kennel with anti-fungal, anti-viral or anti-bacterial medicine to disinfect the place and boost your dog immunity.
  • Avoid taking your dog to crowded places where they may get infected.
  • Keep your dog away from other dogs as much as possible.


Ear mites can really irritate and cause discomfort to your dog if not controlled or treated. Proper selection of ear mites medicine is a crucial move towards maintaining healthy dog’s life.

You can use any of the medicines review in this article or opt for the homemade alternatives given. In case the signs persists, it is advisable to consult a specialist/veterinary.

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