7 Best Dump Carts For Lawn Tractors 2023

Gardening and landscaping chores are quite tasking for moving heavy loads and equipment from one place to another. That’s where you need a dump cart to make the work easier and enjoyable.

  • So, if you’re looking for the best dump carts for lawn tractors, you have come to the right place.

Whether you want a dump cart in gardening activities, logging, or hauling goods, a suitable implement will make your work easier and enjoyable.

Dump Carts: 9 Best Dump Carts For Lawn Tractors 2023

1. Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Lawn Poly Dump Cart

As its name depicts, Gorilla Carts GOR866D is a heavy-duty dump cart in hauling loads around the garden.

Built with a robust poly material and steel frame, this cart is meant to get your job done while giving you value for money. 

  • The dimensions of the poly bed are 40 lengths, 25 widths, and 25 heights.
  • This is enough space for your gardening activities. You can stack up to 1200 pounds of load and haul it with ease and less hustle.

The turf pneumatic tires on the 5/8 inch diameter axle make it ideal for most terrains, including gravel, dirt, grass, among others. Plus, the straight handle enables you to pull and maneuver the cart with ease.

The U-shaped handle allows you to hook the cart to a tractor or mower. The handle is also well padded to reduce friction and prevent your arms from getting blisters.

  • Unloading is made swift and more comfortable by the quick-release mechanism. That means you don’t have to lift loads when loading.
  • What’s more, it’s built with high-quality materials to give you durable equipment for all your domestic transportation.

It’s resistant to rust and will require little or no maintenance for a prolonged time. The black finish also makes it easy to clean.

A one-year warranty affirms the brand quality of this equipment.


  • Ideal for domestic transportation
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy unloading
  • Rolls on a variety of terrain with ease
  • Ample carrier space


  • Assembly is quite tasking

2. Ohio Steel 4048PHYB Pro Grade Hybrid Dump Cart

For any load-carrying jobs around the garden, lawn, or trails, Ohio Steel 4048PHYB will be a trusted companion.

One of its notable features is the swivel bed, which allows you to dump the load at a convenient angle. 

It comes with a polypropylene bucket, heavy-gauge steel frame, two wheels, and a multi-hitch handle which can be conveniently attached to a tractor, UTV or ATV.

The carrier bucket has 12.5 cubic volumes and can haul about 1250 pounds of load. The material used in its construction is rust-resistant and easy to clean.

The 12’’ ground clearance is something to take advantage of, especially if you’re using the cart on rugged terrain. The excellent clearance is enabled by the lack of a solid axle in its configuration.

  • The two 16-inch heavy-duty wheels are ideal for all-terrain. They are mounted on needle bearings, which have provisions for greasing.
  • Another notable feature is the provision for adding extensions on the sides to allow you to carry more capacity.

This is an excellent addition if you are transporting bulky loads such as hay, mulch. However, ensure you don’t exceed the 1250 pounds recommended by the manufacturer.


  • Effortless unloading
  • Ample ground clearance
  • Made with high quality and sturdy materials
  • Can tackle all terrain
  • Can be assembled quickly and with ease
  • Your value for money is guaranteed


  • Regular greasing is required

3. Impact Implements Utility Cart and Cargo Trailer

If you’re looking for a large capacity and high load dump cart, the impact implements are an ideal choice. It comes with a 15 cubic feet tub and will haul about 1500 pounds of load. 

The tub is made of polyethylene, a material that is resistant to corrosion, dents, and is easy to clean.

The frame is constructed with an 11 gauge steel square tube, which is has a powder coating to give you a strong and durable implement.

  • The steel side mesh allows you to carry more load. It has a 16 gauge steel frame, meaning it won’t get deformed by a heavy load.
  • This mesh is removable, so you can use it whenever you want to carry more capacity.

The large and wide tires are made for all-terrain. They give you a clearance of about 12 inches above the ground, meaning you won’t get stuck on rugged terrain.

  • The bearings are covered to provide them with more life and minimize maintenance.

The easy release configuration enables you to unload stuff without much effort. Plus, you can tilt the bed to a convenient angle when loading or unloading.

There’s also a provision for the pin-type hitch, which allows you to hook the cart on any vehicle. However, the hitch comes as a separate gadget.


  • Heavy gauge frame
  • Large capacity and load
  • Tires are meant for all-terrain.
  • The poly tub is resistant to corrosion and dents.
  • Easy assembly
  • Covered bearings
  • Minimal maintenance


  • Quite pricey

4. Agri-Fab 45-0101 750-Pound Dump Cart

Another high-quality and large-capacity dump cart! With Agri-Fab 45-0102, you can haul large loads, including mowers, mulch, rototillers, among other things. 

It comes with a 12 Cubic foot carrier and can haul about 750 pounds of load. 

The frame and bed are made of strong and durable steel to give you a very reliable implementation.

These materials are further coated with scratch-resistant powder, which also makes them easier to clean. Your value for money is guaranteed because of the durability of these materials.

  • The amazing dump cart makes use of 16”*4” pneumatic tires to give it a 12-inch clearance above the ground.

This makes it possible to maneuver rugged terrain without getting stuck. The grease nipples allow you to lubricate the bearings with less hustle.

Unloading/dumping is made easy and quick by the foot-lever mechanism. Plus, the hitch provision is designed to allow quick attachment to the tractor, UTV or ATV.

The tailgate reinforcement gives it additional strength, making valuable equipment for all your hauling jobs. What’s more, the manufacturer gives you up to 3 years of limited warranty.


  • The bed and frame are made of robust steel.
  • Your value for money is guaranteed.
  • Tires are ideal for all-terrain
  • Easy and convenient unloading
  • Scratch-free surface finish
  • 3 years warranty 


  • It’s heavy

5. John Deere 650 lb. 10-john Dump Cart

Your domestic hauling jobs within and out of your compound will get easier and less tedious with this John Deere dump cart. Its high-quality construction will give you value for your investment. 

Whether you’re transporting materials such as manure or farm implements like mowers, John Deere 650 lb will be a great companion.

  • With a bed volume of 10 cubic feet and a load capacity of 650 lbs, this cart will be ideal for most of your domestic hauling chores.

The bed is made of lightweight propylene material, which is manufactured through compression molding to enhance its strength and durability.

  • The surface finish allows for easy cleaning.
  • The steel frame construction guarantees you long-lasting equipment.

This steel is powder-coated to enhance its durability. The tow bar features a foot pedal to allow quick and convenient unloading. Plus, the hitch mechanism allows you to hook the cart on your tractor, ATV or UTV.

With the 15 in. x 6 in tires, this cart will move over rugged surfaces without getting stuck. And the pneumatic tires have good shock attenuation capability.

What’s more, it comes with molded slots for inserting wall extensions and dividers. This makes it convenient to carry bulky and lightweight loads that require more space.


  • Enormous tires for rugged terrain
  • Quick and convenient unloading
  • Molded slots for adding extensions
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Can be used with a tractor, ATV or UTV


  • Small carrying capacity

6. Strongway Steel Dump Cart

Strongway Steel Dump Cart is designed to transport big loads as well as large capacities.

With its 18 cubic feet volume and 1200 pound load capacity, you can haul a substantial amount of load at a go. 

  • It’s the ideal equipment for transporting materials, machines, furniture, among other items.
  • It features heavy-duty steel on both its frame and bed, which are also coated with powder to prevent rusting and UV degradation.

A foot pedal is incorporated on the tow bar to allow easy unloading. Plus, there’s a removable tailgate to make loading and unloading easier and convenient.

The 16”*4.5” pneumatic tires are ideal for most of the terrains. And with the 13.75-inch ground clearance, your cart won’t get stuck on rugged terrain.

The sides can be easily removed to pave for heavy loading loads. Thus, you won’t have to lift heavy loads too high—the guardrails on the sides and front help in securing large and bulky loads.

The hitch mechanism used here is the R-pin style, which goes well with garden tractors, ATVs, or lawn tractors.

Overall, Strongway Steel Dump Cart is strong and long-lasting equipment for hauling heavy loads.


  • Steel construction is durable.
  • High capacity for carrying large loads
  • Removable sides and tailgate
  • Ample ground clearance
  • Powder coating prevents rusting and UV degradation
  • Can be hauled by tractors and ATVs


  • Heavy

7. 800al ATV Wagon Tractor Dump Cart

Another high-quality dump cart is the 800al ATV Wagon. It’s manufactured with high-quality materials to enable its use in both light and heavy hauling tasks. 

A heavy-duty steel frame gives it the necessary strength for hauling heavy loads and enhancing stability.

The body unit makes use of aluminum, a strong and lightweight material. Thus it can be hauled by both large and small tractors.

  • With its 25-inch pneumatic tires, this dump cart has one of the best ground clearances.

Thus, it won’t get stuck on rugged terrains. These tires are made of high-quality material with good shock attenuation capability to allow easy and smooth maneuverability.

Stability and shock attenuation are further enhanced by the torsion bar. And the hitch system is made compatible with garden tractors, UTVs, or ATVs.

Unlike many dump carts in the market, 800al ATV Wagon comes with a water-proof lid to ensure your goods are safe. The cover is hinged with gas shock to enable easy opening.

On top of the lid is a cargo rack on which you can carry the extra load. There’re “D” ring provisions and locking latches to help you strap your cargo on the rack.

You might also like the brake lights at the rear of this dump cart.


  • High quality and lightweight materials
  • Can be used with large and small tractors
  • 25 inch ground clearance is good for easy maneuverability
  • Has brake lights
  • Has a water resistant lid


  • Expensive

Consideration for Buying Dump Carts

Dump carts go come in various designs, materials, and sizes. When choosing the best dump cart, you might be lost for choice because of the offers in the market.

  • If you want to make your hauling activities a lot easier and enjoyable, you need a high-quality and efficient dump cart.

There’re a number of factors to consider when searching for the best dump cart for your garden or lawn. These include:

1. Material Used

The demand and popularity of dump carts have triggered manufacturers to come up with innovative designs for the modern gardener.

  • They come in different sizes, designs, and qualities. Of course, what you get will depend on the amount of money you’re willing to spend.

Cheaper dump carts are made with low-quality materials. But if you don’t know how to tell the difference, you may settle for poor quality.

Low-quality dump carts may not take you for more than two years. So, if you are not working on a tight budget, go to the high-quality dump cart.

Below are the different types of dump carts, depending on the material used.

(i) Plastic Dump Carts 

Poly Tub Dump Cart

The poly tub type of cart is the most popular among homeowners. They are molded from high-quality plastics such as polypropylene or polyethylene.

  • This makes them durable and less prone to cracks or deformities.
  • The poly tub is water-proof, allowing you to haul manure and other messy loads without spilling them on your compound.

Poly material is also resistant to corrosion and is quite easy to clean.

They are ideal for carrying both light and heavy loads.

Plastic Tub Dump Cart

Plastic tub carts resemble poly tub carts in design and appearance. The only difference is that the plastic material used in its construction is of lower quality than polypropylene or polyethylene.

  • The plastic material tends to distort and wear out easily. It can also be affected by UV degradation.

Thus, it’s not the ideal dump cart in hauling heavy loads. It’s less expensive and easy to clean.

Structural Form dump cart

This type of dump cart features a low-density polymer bed on a steel frame.

  • The polymer material makes it tough and durable. Thus, it will be free from scratches and stains.

They come with reinforced slots or pockets on the sides for inserting extensions. This allows you to carry bulky loads that need more space.

Due to the high-quality materials, this dump cart will cost you $250 or more.

(ii) Metal Dump Carts

Steel Tub Dump Cart

Another type of dump cart is one whose frame and tub are entirely made of steel.

They are sturdy and more durable than both poly and plastic tub carts. With this type of cart, you will be able to carry heavy loads such as gravel, ballast, etc.

A notable feature in this type of dump cart is the removable tailgate. This allows you to unload stuff conveniently without having to use a shovel.

The only setback is their susceptibility to rust since most of them are not built with stainless steel. Also, they’re not very easy to clean.

They’re relatively expensive than the poly tub carts and will cost $150 – $500. But this is a worthy investment owing to their robustness and durability.

2. Load

Whether you’re buying a dump cart in a particular need or for general use, your equipment should withstand loads.

  • The maximum load will depend on the strength of the frame. So, you might opt for heavy-duty carts, which can haul larger loads, or light-duty implements to help you transport small loads.
  • Typically heavy-duty dump carts can haul about 1500 pounds. But, if all you want is to carry manure and waste material from your landscaping activities, you can get a smaller one.

However, I would recommend you to go for a multipurpose dump cart because it can handle both small and heavy loads.

3. Capacity

Capacity is measured in cubic feet. Unlike the load capability, capacity will depend on the size, shape, and design of the tub /bucket.

  • Your choice of dump cart depends on the type of materials you want to haul.
  • For instance, bulky materials such as hay require large-capacity rather than higher load capacity.

Generally, the available dump carts will carry ten cubic feet to 22 cubic feet. Those with provisions for extensions allow you to carry more volume.

4. Towing/Pulling Vehicle

Dump carts can be towed by a number of vehicles, including lawn tractors, ATVs, UTVs, garden mowers, among others.

Normally, lightweight dump carts are meant to be towed by small vehicles such as lawnmowers.

Therefore, it’s essential to choose your dump cart depending on the type of vehicle you want to use for towing. Most of the available dump carts will be compatible with most of your vehicles.

5. Mobility

Another important feature to consider is the maneuverability of the dump carts on surfaces.

  • This is greatly determined by the wheels. Large tires make it possible to ride over rugged surfaces without getting stuck.

Well-treaded wheels are ideal for all surfaces, including wet and muddy tracks.

Pneumatic tires are the most preferred because of their ability to absorb shocks. Also, wider tires will provide good stability compared to thinner tires.

Other Features to consider

Some dump carts come with additional features that give them an edge over others in the market.

Of great importance is the ease of dumping from load from the tub. For this, various brands have different mechanisms for lifting the tub to dump the load. These include:

  • Hydraulic lift: It’s the most preferred lifting mechanism due to its effectiveness. It gives you an easy and effortless way of dumping loads from your cart.
  • Electric lift: It is not very common. It utilizes electricity to help people remove heavy loads from the dump cart.
  • Swivel: A swivel is a configuration of the dump cart, which allows you to rotate the tub to dump the load in a convenient area.
  • Manual Lift: With this type of dump cart, you lift the tub manually using the handle.


The best dump carts for lawn tractors will make your lawn maintenance and gardening activities easier and enjoyable. They come in various sizes, designs, and qualities.

  • The suitability of a dump cart will entirely depend on the type and amount of load you want to haul.

Whether you want a heavy or light-duty dump cart, go for the quality. This will get your job done quickly and with less hustle.

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