7 Best Cordless Cultivators for a Small Garden 2023

Despite packing less power than gas powered tillers, corded tillers are the preferred option for various reasons – check tillers for women

The best cordless cultivators for a small garden allows you to move around the garden freely without having to worry about your tines getting entangled in the cord work or the accessibility of the power outlet.

Best Cordless Tiller

Tillers: 7 Best Cordless Cultivators for a Small Garden 2023

1. Black + Decker LGC 120 cordless tiller

This cultivator is designed for small landscaping and gardening tasks and is arguably one of the lightest and the most affordable cultivators in the market under the $100 price tag.

Black + Decker LGC 120 cordless tiller Check Price on Amazon

This tool is ideal for weeding and cultivating or harrowing in light soils and capable of cultivating 325 square feet on an overnight charge.

Weighing in at 8 pounds, this tiller has a powerful transmission generated by a lithium-ion battery which comes included. Its powerhouse holds charge for longer and is more durable than other types of batteries.

Black + Decker LGC 120 features counter rotating tines whose speed and efficiency will get that job done in no time. This feature also in prevent the weeds from being entangled in the tines.

This model features a light weight design which helps in convenient handling. What’s more, the LGC 120 features a soft and flexible handle which provide added comfort to the user while cultivating. 


  • It is highly affordable
  • It is the ideal choice if you don’t have access to a nearby power source
  • It is electric powered which ensures no emissions come from your lawn
  • It features a strong lithium ion battery which gives the LGC 120 a powerful transmission
  • Light weight and portable


  • Not ideal for breaking up hardened ground

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2. GreenWorks 27062 G-MAX

This is the ultimate cordless tiller to go for if you are looking for utility. This cultivator is powered by a 40V, Ah battery which ensures it performs at par. 

On a full charge, this cultivator can till your garden for 40 minutes straight. Its convenience features include ease of movement and convenient handling.

This cultivator is powered by a G-MAX 40V motor which is versatile enough to facilitate thorough gardening. An easy two-step start-up process keeps you safe from accidentally pressing a button when not in use.

It features four 8” forward rotating tines with adjustable width and depth to allow for more flexible gardening. It has an adjustable cultivating tilling width of 8-10 inches and a tilling depth of 5 inches.

It is also equipped with a comfortable handle while its wheels allow easier movement. The 27062 features 6” wheels which allow you to roll the tool back and forth from the garden shed or garage conveniently. 


  • Features comfortable handles for easier handling
  • Foldable handles facilitate storage
  • It is relatively light which eases manoeuvrability allow tight gardens
  • It is offers you flexibility and freedom due to its cordless feature


  • It is not ideal for large and rocky grounds

3. Earthwise TC70040 11” 40v Cordless cultivator

This Earthwise cultivator is popular for its relatively high tine speed which provides the performance of a heavier machine given its ability to cultivate through roots and soil clumps without straining its tines.

Earthwise TC70040 11” 40v Cordless cultivator Check Price on Amazon

This model is packed with features, notably its strong tines, transport wheels and a power-packed battery that is guaranteed to offer you 45 minutes of working time on a single charge.

This model features 4 steel tined 8.75 inch angled tines which offers you an adjustable width of 7 to 11 inches. It has a tilling depth of 8 inches, which is sufficient for loosening that ground and easing cultivation. Its tine speed of 130 RPM is just what you need for that excellent performance.

Its rear transport wheels can flip up and down at the push of button, allowing for easy manoeuvrability. Its rechargeable 4 Ah lithium-ion battery is just what you need for that quiet and clean performance.

This tool is lightweight and easy to handle whereas its auxiliary handle provides a strong firm grip as you work your garden. 


  • Its cushioned handle offers a comfortable grip
  • It provides a relatively longer performance as compared to corded tillers in its class
  • It features a low vibration auxiliary handle


  • It offers less than an hour’s performance on a single charge

4. SereneLife PSLTLL1854 18V hand-held cordless tiller

This unit features an 18V power output with a rechargeable battery feature is guaranteed to make your landscaping easier. This unit offers a working time of 25 minutes on a 4-hour full battery charge cycle.

SereneLife PSLTLL1854 18V hand-held cordless tiller Check Price on Amazon

Its integrated debris protection shield ensures maximum safety for the user. SereneLife features an 18V power output cultivator system offering a tilling width of 7.9 inches and a depth of 3.2”. Its motor rotates at 280rpm and above which makes this tool ideal for landscaping and gardening tasks such as weeding, composting and soil preparation.

This tiller’s blades are made out of steel alloy which makes it ideal for gardens, paths, backyards and other landscaping uses. This tool is bound to leave your garden looking immaculate and straightforward with its ABS branded front tine till blades.

This SereneLife brand features an adjustable grip angle for easier control and cultivating through robust regions smoothly. This feature allows the cultivator to break through hard ground effortlessly and loosen that firm dirt in your garden. 


  • It features an enclosed wall plug charger
  • It has debris protection shield protects the user from dirt thrown around during usage.
  • Its detachable 18V lithium-ion detachable battery offers a longer working time


  • Not ideal for virgin ground

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5. Mantis 3558 cordless tiller

This is the perfect tool for breaking through soil sod and breathing life into existing gardens. This unit delivers outstanding performance when digging and weeding. A 58V battery capacity is just what you need for a cordless tiller.

Mantis 3558 cordless tiller Check Price on Amazon

The Mantis 3558 features 16 strong steel tines which provide an excellent performance. With a tilling depth of 8 inches and a tilling width of 12”, this tool is ideal for raised beds and restricted garden spaces. Weighing in at just 26lbs, this tool is highly manoeuvrable in any garden size.

This tool is comfortable to work with because its handle is equipped with an ergonomic grip and fingertip controls. Movement is made easier by 3 retractable multi-position wheels which also allow the user to adjust the tilling depth as needed. Its collapsible handle will enable you store the tiller conveniently in the shed or garage.

Equipped with a 2-speed engine and a strong battery, this is just what you need to achieve smart digging capabilities. 


  • It is quiet during usage
  • Lightweight and environmental friendly
  • Features a high capacity battery
  • It comfortable to work with


  • It offers a limited working time (30 minutes) on full charge

6. Sun Joe 40v 4 Amp 12” cordless tiller

This is the right model for you if you are looking for a compact tiller to work your small garden. This Sun Joe tiller features a 4 Amp motor which simplifies the toughest and gardening tasks in no time. A 40V 4 Amp lithium-ion battery will give you 30 minutes of working time.

Sun Joe 40v 4 Amp 12” cordless tiller Check Price on Amazon

This unit features four steel angled tines which offer a tilling depth of 8 inches and a width of 12 inches. Its wheels are adjustable to 3 positions which allow you to adjust the tilling depth accordingly.

With this tiller, you shouldn’t have to worry about carbon emissions and extension cords and it is just what you need to get dirty in an environmental friendly manner. An easy start mechanism conveniently allows you to start this cultivator in no time.

This tiller is highly flexible featuring 3 adjustable tilling depths. A strong brushless motor optimizes this unit’s battery and engine performance. This also serves to improve the engine performance and reduce vibration levels. 


  • It offers a quiet run time
  • It features a 2-year guarantee
  • Easy to start button
  • Spares the hassle of mixing gas


  • Not ideal for heavy duty tasks

7. GreenWorks TL80L00 80-Volt front tine tiller

Power is an important component for all outdoor equipment and this model will guarantee you just that. This tool is made out of heavy grade material and is optimized for a peak and long lasting performance.

GreenWorks TL80L00 80-Volt front tine tiller Check Price on Amazon

The Greenworks Pro features an 80 Volts battery which is highly compatible with other models. At full speed, this model guarantee you minutes of work time on a single charge.

This tiller is equipped with four forward and removable rotating tines with a tilling depth of 5 inches and a width of 10 inches.

Greenworks Pro is highly portable and is just what you need to go around tight garden spaces.

This tool has a variable working speed and also features a bump feed and a 16” cutting path. This model meets the challenge of a full modern and quality equipment by providing plenty of power. 


  • Its strong battery (80V) offers 40 minutes run time on a single charge
  • It features a high efficient motor and smart technology
  • It has strong, flexible and removable tines
  • Ideal for both medium duty and heavy duty tasks
  • It combines quality with modernity and innovative technology


  • The packaging features the equipment only, no battery or charger is included

Considerations for Best Cordless Tiller

1. Size of the tiller 

There are several factors to put into consideration when purchasing a cordless tiller. Yet, with the availability of numerous models on the market today, choosing the right one can pose a challenge particularly for amateur gardeners – check the servo hydraulic rotary blades

One of the advantages of a corded tiller is its small and compact size, which suggests that bigger is not always better. It therefore follows that going for the right size of tiller is the preferable option given their light weight and ease of handling.

2. Motor power

This is a key indicator of the performance rating of the tiller. The higher the amp rating of the tiller, the more powerful is your cordless tiller of choice.

For small scale gardening, a tool with an amp range of 2 to 5 is considered sufficient. If you are dealing with medium-heavy duty tasks, a cordless tiller with a power output of 6-10 amps is considered sufficient. 

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3. Cutting and tilling dimensions

Before purchasing a corded tiller, ensure that its cutting width and tilling depth specifications are sufficient for the area you need to till – here’s how rotary tiller blade design on soil pulverization

A cultivator with a shallow tilling depth and a narrow cultivating width consumes more time to complete the task as compared to a larger and more versatile tool.

4. Rotation speed

Some cordless tiller models’ tines move in a rotating direction whereas others rotate anticlockwise. However, it is imperative to put the rotating speed of the tiller into consideration. A cordless tiller with a rotation speed of 180-200 rpm is considered sufficient for completing various gardening and landscaping tasks.

5. Number of tines

Whereas the older models feature only two tines, recent models of cordless tillers feature 4 to 6 tines – particularly or hard soil. The more tines there are in the cordless tiller, the faster and more effectively it will perform. A larger number of tines is just what you need for digging and breaking hard soil.

6. Variable speed

A tiller that allows you to adjust the speed effectively is just what you need if you are looking for convenience and versatility.

For convenient handling, a tiller equipped with ergonomic handles is considered the ideal choice. In addition, the size and position of the wheels’ eases maneuverability in uneven terrains and hard ground.


A cordless tiller is the tool of choice for both casual and professional garden landscapers. While the above list is not exhaustive, it compares the performance, ease of handling and price.

These are important factors for considering before purchasing your tiller of choice. In particular, the GreenWorks TL80L00 80-Volt front tine tiller stands out from the rest due to its versatility and powerful motor. 


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