7 Best Bed Bug Steamer for 2023 Reviewed

Are you looking for the best bed bug steamer? Well, there’re plenty of steam cleaners for use in bed bug eradication. Best Bed Bug Steamer

I have searched the market for steam cleaners and compiled a list of the best for bed bug treatment.

My criteria for this review focuses on the efficiency of the steamer, versatility, ease of use, and reliability. Here are the thoughts! Read Also: Flea Bites vs. Bed Bug Bites- Differentiate?

Reviews: Top 7 Best Bed Bug Steamer for 2023 

1. PurSteam Stram Cleaner – #2 Pick

With PurSteam, you don’t have to rely on commercial bed bug streaming services.

PurSteam Stram Cleaner View on Amazon

Other than being costly, commercial steam services may not be available when you need them. PurSteam is a handheld multipurpose steamer designed for home use.

It’s an affordable device to keep in your home and use whenever you spot bed bugs. This steamer produces up to 30% higher pressure steam than its competitors yet less costly. It comes as a 9-piece set which can be easily assembled into one compact unit.

Its lightweight design and the 9.8-foot cord allows you to steam both indoor and outdoor places. The fast-heating equipment produces superheated and pressurized steam for use in removing difficult stains and eradicating pests such as bed bugs.

Bed bugs hide in difficult to reach crevices such as inside baseboards, sofas, mattress seams, and other cracks. However, with this steamer, it’s possible to reach the bed bugs regardless of where they hide. It’s ideal for use on wooden floors, ceramic tiles, carpets, mattresses, granite, and many more.

What’s more, PurSteam will help you get rid of stubborn stains and eradicate bed bugs without having to use dangerous chemicals.


  • Kills bed bugs and removes stains
  • Long cord (9.8-foot)
  • Delivers superheated and pressurized steam
  • Produces 30% higher pressure steam than its competitors
  • Heats up quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • Suitable for small steaming jobs only

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2. BISSELL Steam Shot – #2 Pick

BISSELL Steam Shot provides homeowners with an efficient way of cleaning surfaces and eradicating household pests such as bed bugs. It’s a versatile equipment that can be used on hard surfaces, mattresses, wooden floors, etc.

BISSELL Steam Shot View on Amazon

With its 1Kw power rating, BISSELL Steam Shot produces high-pressure steam for use in removing stains and eradicating small pests. Usually, bed bugs will hide in hard to reach crevices where pesticides cannot be used for treatment. However, BISSELL Steam Shot comes with various nozzles attachments to enable you to reach bed bugs in those areas.

It comes with an extension hose and a 20-feet cord for connecting to the power. This allows you to maneuver various places in the house before re-plugging the steamer to another socket. It has a compact design which makes it easy to use.

You need to fill it with water and allow about 30 seconds before blasting your house with steam. With this steamer, you will be able to eradicate bed bugs without using toxic chemicals. A circular scrubbing attachment is also included to aid in removing tough stains.


  • High-pressure steam kills bed bugs.
  • Long extension hose and power cable
  • Has special nozzle attachments
  • High-quality construction


  • Not good for soft surfaces

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3. DBTech Handheld Steamer

DBTech is designed for domestic cleaning and steaming purposes like removing stains, removing soap scums, removing creases in fabrics, killing germs, among others.

DBTech Handheld Steamer View on Amazon

This steamer will also kill small pests in the house, including bed bugs.

It is capable of delivering a powerful shot of steam for 20 minutes. This makes it a perfect steamer for eradicating bed bugs. This steam is hot and pressurized to be able to reach bed bugs in their little hideouts. Whether the bed bugs hide in crevices or fabrics, this steamer will be ideal for killing them.

It comes with a 9.5-feet power cable to allow easy movement around the house. Once you assemble the nine pieces of accessories, the steamer is ready for use. Just fill it with water, plug the power cable, and allow 2-3 minutes for heating up.

Spray directly on the target areas to eradicate the bed bugs. The long nozzle attachment helps in steaming places that far from your reach. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.


  • Ideal for cleaning and bed bug removal
  • Easy to assemble
  • Long power cord (9.5 feet)
  • Can be used for 20 minutes before refilling


  • Relatively heavy
  • Fragile

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4. Haitral Steam Cleaner

If you’re looking for an efficient bed bug steam cleaner, then you won’t’ go wrong with this one. It’s a multipurpose steamer for use in removing stubborn stains and eradicating small pests, including bed bugs.

Zitronik Steam Cleaner View on Amazon

It comes with nine attachments for easy assembly. Among these is an extended nozzle to enable flexibility when steaming difficult to reach areas. The heating chamber allows you to fill 250ml of water. Once you connect to power, your steam will be ready within 5 minutes of heating.

The temperature of this steam is between 266 °F and 320 °F. This temperature is enough to kill bed bugs, including those that hide in crevices. Using chemicals to remove bed bugs in your mattresses and sofa set can harm you and your family. However, this steamer will help you remove bed bugs from these places without any risks.

You can also use it to remove bed bugs from your carpet and fabrics such as curtains, clothes, and other upholstery. Any germs and bacteria present in these items will also be killed in the process. Plus, you can use it to loosen tough stains, especially in the kitchen.

What’s more, this steamer comes with a heat regulator for turning it off when the required temperature is reached.


  • Removes tough stains
  • Kills bed bugs
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Comes with a heat regulator
  • No need for chemicals


  • Short power cord

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5. Zitronik Steam Cleaner

Steam treatment is one of the safest and efficient methods for eradicating bed bugs in your house.

Zitronik Steam Cleaner View on Amazon

If you’re tired of using chemicals to get rid of bed bugs, then you can try the steam treatment. Zitronik Steam Cleaner will give you a practical and efficient way to get rid of bed bugs and remove tough stains in your house.

It’s powered with 1000 watts to deliver steam at high temperature and pressure. The water reservoir allows you to use 10 ounces of water at a time. It takes 1-3 minutes to convert water into steam. This can last you up to 20 minutes of steaming.

Usually, bed bugs will hide in the most challenging areas in the house. Sometimes pesticides may not reach these places to kill bed bugs. However, with this device, you’ll be able to kill bed bugs, including their nymphs and eggs.

The extension nozzle allows you to apply the steam into rugged places with ease. It also comes with accessories for scrubbing surfaces and doing other types of cleaning. What’s more, this is an ideal device for pest control and cleaning.


  • Heats up quickly
  • It has a safety lock
  • Auxiliary extensions for different cleaning applications
  • Does require chemicals
  • Not too heavy for your hand


  • Requires a break for reheats

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6. HeroFiber Xtech

You don’t need to hire expensive commercial equipment to steam bed bugs in your house.

HeroFiber Xtech is a compact and efficient handheld steamer you can use to get rid of bed bugs, disinfect surfaces, and remove stubborn stains. And you won’t have to dig too much in your pocket.

HeroFiber Xtech View on Amazon

It’s powered with 1050 watts to deliver a powerful jet of steam for 15-20 minutes. It holds 10 ounces of water and can heat it to 365°F – 338 °F. Bed bugs cannot withstand such temperatures. The extended nozzle allows you to direct the steam in hidden crevices where bed bugs like to hide.

When you attach the cleaning nozzles, this steamer can help you remove tough stains from surfaces and disinfect your house. It can be used on surfaces as well as on fabrics, including clothes.

It’ quite easy to assemble and use. At only 3 pounds in weight, you can carry it around with ease. This steamer is equipped with a lock button for enhancing your safety.


  • It’s an efficient bed bug steamer
  • Removes tough stains
  • Can be used on surfaces and fabrics
  • Safety button is included
  • Comes with nozzle attachments


  • Can’t use 220V without a voltage adapter.

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7. Comforday 72764

Another good steam cleaner is Comforday 72764. This is a handheld steamer that can be used for cleaning and eradicating small pests.

Its lightweight design allows you to carry around the house and outside.

Comforday 72764 View on Amazon

It’s powered with 1050 watts to deliver steam at 0.32Mpa. Steam temperatures achieved by this device can range between 230°F and 270°F. Bed bugs cannot survive at this pressure and temperature. There’s a nozzle attachment to enable you to apply steam to bed bugs in their hidden crevices.

It comes with other nozzle attachments for use in steaming mattresses and fabrics. As a multipurpose steamer, it can be used to remove tough stains such as grease, soap, among others. A temperature regulator allows you to set the steam temperature to fit the various applications.

A safety button is also provided to prevent accidental steam blast.


  • Safety lock protects you from injuries
  • Ideal for cleaning and pest control
  • Has detachable nozzles for different applications


  • Can’t use 220V without a voltage adapter.

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Considerations in the Best Bed Bug Steamer

The suitability of steam cleaners to kill bed bugs will depend on several factors. Read Also: What Do Bed Bugs Eat?.

These include temperature, capacity, pressure, attachments, steam flow, steam quality, among others. Below is the detailed guide to help buy your ideal steam cleaner.

1. Temperature

The aim of using a steam cleaner is to heat water to temperatures that will kill bed bugs and their eggs. Practically bed bugs can’t survive steam at 130°C.

Your ideal steam cleaner should achieve steam temperatures of more than 170°C. This is because bed bugs hide far from the surface.

At such high temperatures, heat will be able to penetrate into crevices to kill bed bugs and their eggs.

2. Steam pressure

Consider a steam cleaner with at least 40 psi. At this pressure, steam will be hot enough to kill bed bugs and their eggs.

At high pressure, steam will also be dry, meaning the treated areas will become wet. Models with pressure regulators allow you to set pressure depending on where you are steaming.

For instance, you will require higher pressure to treat bed bugs in crevices than to treat those on your mattress or carpet.

3. Attachments

Most of the steam cleaners available in the market can be used for cleaning, bed bug treatment, removing creases on fabrics, and disinfection.

In order to get the best value from your steamer, ensure that it comes with attachments for various applications.

So, after you are done with bed bugs, you can use your device to remove stains and straighten your fabrics. Read Also: Does Boric Acid Kill Bed Bugs?

4. Capacity

The capacity of a steam cleaner determines the amount of water it can hold before refilling. Most handheld steamers have a 10-ounce water capacity.

This is enough to treat bed bugs for up to 20 minutes. A continuous flow of steam is required for bed bug treatment.

If you run out of steam, surfaces may cool down and get re-infested by the time you refill the tank. Thus, you may be required to start behind where you left.

For a small infestation, a handheld steamer with a 10-ounce capacity will get your job done. However, if you’re dealing with a large infestation, you require a device that can steam continuously for one hour.

5. Safety

Steam under high pressure and temperature can result in severe burns on your body in case of an accidental blast.

To be on the safe side, consider steam cleaners that come with safety details. These include safety locks, automatic pressure detectors, among other safety configurations.

6. Ease of Use

Consider a steam cleaner that is easy to assemble and operate. The device should be light to carry around when treating bed bugs. Read Also: What Eats Bed Bugs?


The above list of products features some of the best steam cleaners in the market. 

These are handheld and easy to use devices with proven efficiency in bed bug treatment.

This guide will help you make an informed decision when looking for the best bed bug steamer.


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