5 Best 4 Wheeler For 12 Year Old 2022 Reviewed

Bring more fun, thrill, and excitement to your 12 Year Old by getting them the best 4 Wheeler For 12 Year Old. 4 Wheelers provide an excellent and perfect way for teens to spend more time outdoors.

4 Wheelers come with amazing safety features. Thus, you don’t need to worry so much about your child while riding their off-road vehicle.

I have compiled 5 of the best 4 Wheelers For 12-Year-Old, older kids, and youths. Check them below

Review: 5 Best 4 Wheeler For 12 Year Old

1. X-PRO 110cc ATV Quad Youth ATVs- Best 4 Wheeler For 12 Year Old

If you’re looking for an ATV that has stood the test of time and one that has received numerous positive reviews pick the X-PRO 110cc ATV Quad. Although it’s pricey, its performance and functionality are on another level.

Best 4 Wheeler For 12 Year Old Check Price On Amazon

The manufacturer’s recommended age is 10 years and above. Thus, it means your 12 years old can also ride on the X-PRO 110cc.

If your child is a beginner in the riding arena, this youth ATV for beginners would suit them well. It provides the experience a child requires to become a pro in riding.

It’s one of the best gas-powered four-wheelers that would provide the thrill and excitement of traversing different terrains and hills.

The kid will love the smooth-shifting abilities of the ATV.  It has automatic transmission processes that allow for smooth shifting during riding. The young rider will not need to worry about switching gears or using the clutch.

Besides that, this youth’s ATV comes with wireless remote control that’s located at the handlebar. The parent can stop the car about 21 yards away. This feature enhances the safety of the young rider.

Your child can confidently take on the off-road thanks to the beefy tires. The tires provide reliable traction and excellent ground clearance.

Other than that, these kids’ ATVs have excellent speed control features. The ATV has a speed limiter that allows the parent to reduce the speed to low levels or increase when the child has enough confidence.


  • Beefy tires
  • Entry-level ATV
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Reliable battery


  • Pricey


2. Razor Dirt Quad – 24V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV

Bring the thrill and fun of off-road riding with this high-rated Razor Dirt Quad 4 wheeler. The Razor Dirt Quad is one of the best electric 4 wheelers for 12 year olds. It accommodates kids aged 8 years and above. It has a maximum speed of 8 mph and the maximum rider’s weight is 120.

Razor Dirt Quad - 24V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV Check Price On Amazon

If you’re looking for a 4 wheeler that would conquer any tough terrain it’s presented with, the Razor Dirt Quad is a perfect choice. It comes with a high-torque gear reduction motor, which improves traction while off-road.

Other than that, the Razor Dirt Quad features a 24-volt battery with two different batteries. Each of these batteries has a 12 volts capacity. These batteries allow the 12-year-old to ride his 4 wheeler for about 40 minutes before recharging.

More than that, your kid will enjoy a smooth uninterrupted ride thanks to the rear droop suspension and the durable air-filled tires. The child can easily tackle uneven terrains without any worry.

In addition, you’ll appreciate the excellent brake system that this kid’s ATV features. Your little one can take on high speeds and easily control her speeds for extra fun and thrill. It features a rear disc brake operated by hand, twist-grip throttle, and a variable speed.

Therefore, when choosing the best 4 wheeler for a 12-year-old check for quality, safety, and style. Razor Dirt Quad boasts of uncompromised quality and most reviewers love its reliability and functionality.


  • Features 24 volts rechargeable battery
  • Off-road vehicle
  • Tires Deliver excellent traction on uneven terrains
  • Excellent braking system


  • Long battery recharging hours. It takes about 15 hours to recharge the battery


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3. Razor Dirt Quad 500 12-Year-Old 4 Wheeler

Another excellent 4 wheeler ATV from Razor that you can buy right away for your 12-year-old is the Razor Dirt Quad 500. The ATV is ideal for children aged 7-14 years.

Razor Dirt Quad 500 Check Price On Amazon

Your child will fall in love with the excellent performance of the Quad 500. The ATV can reach crazy speeds, allowing the kids to have the time of their lifetime.

More than that,  this wheeler features a  total of 36-volt batteries. Each of the batteries has 12 volts capacity. This battery capacity provides about 60 minutes of riding time.

The Quad has a maximum speed of 15 kilometers per hour. For children, this speed is high so it’s important that your child has previous experience in riding ATVs.

You’ll also appreciate that this kids 4 wheeler has excellent safety features to keep kids safe while on the road. The ATV features disc brakes and manual brakes. These braking systems are very efficient and they reduce the rate of accidents to keep kids safe.

More than that, the upper section of this 4 wheeler has a powder-coated steel frame that provides protection against injury and harsh weather conditions. The car accommodates up to 220 kg.


  • Reliable braking system
  • 36-volt battery capacity
  • Speed 15 kph
  • Weather-resistant frame


  • Limited color options

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4. TaoTao ATV TForce 110cc

TaoTao ATV is a gas-powered 4 wheeler that’s ideal for 12 years older kids. They come with amazing color options so your little one gets to choose his favorite. The TaoTao is one of the best gas ATVs for kids and it’s recommended for kids who have previous riding skills.

TaoTao ATV TForce 110cc Check Price On Amazon

Furthermore, this gas-powered 4 wheeler for a 12-year-old features a fully automatic transmission system with an electric start. Thus, if your child is new to 4 wheel driving, the TaoTao ATV will be an excellent choice.

Other than that, this gas 4 wheeler for 12-year-old features big rugged tires. The tires deliver excellent ground clearance for a fun and safe riding experience.

More than that, the reverse option on this quad makes it easier for the young rider to maneuver around. The quad also has excellent full-speed control features that work to keep the kids safe.

The recommended weight limit for this 12-year-old 4 wheeler is 230 lbs. and accommodates children from 10 years and above.


  • Fully automatic
  • Bigger rugged tires
  • Wider suspension
  • Reverse option


  • Some reviewers report about the poor quality


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Is The Best ATV For A 12 Year Old?

All the reviewed ATVs in this article are ideal for 12-year-olds. However, I can highly recommend X-PRO 110cc and TaoTao ATV TForce. Both of these ATVs are gas-powered, have rugged tires, and are ideal for the off-road.

The Best ATV for a 12-Year-Old should have excellent safety features like good brakes. They should also be big enough to accommodate the teenager.

2. What Size Four Wheeler Does A 12-Year-Old Need?

A 12-year-old would need a 4 wheeler with 110cc. A fully automatic gas-powered ATV with 110cc is the best option for an older kid.

The 110cc can hold more weight, are bigger, and their speed is ideal for a 12-year-old.

The 110cc accommodates both beginner and experienced riders.

3. What ATV Riding Gear is Appropriate?

It crucial that ATV riders wear appropriate ATV protective gear. These may include helmets, gloves, over-the-ankle boots, full-length pants, and a long-sleeved jacket or shirt.

Ensure your child has the required protective wear before going out for a ride. All these gears will keep the rider safe in case of any accidents.


I hope that this review on the best 4 wheelers for 12 year old has been helpful. Some important factors to consider before making a purchase include safety features, speed, design, and age of the rider.

All the reviewed 4 wheelers on this post are some of the best on the market. Therefore, either of them will deliver the best performance and functionality.

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